Housemaid Agency - Conned by an agency providing housemaids

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This is what happened.In the month December 2012, I contacted a housemaid Agency which had given their advertisement on Quikr like this We provide a wide range of Domestic Service.

The services include House Maid, Baby Care Takers, Senior Care Takers, Patient Care Takers, Cooks of All types like Veg, Non Veg, Brahmin Cooks and other types of professional cooks also. We provide a cheaper price and better service than other service agencies in chennai.Kindly call for further detailsContact number - 9282141140 / 044-65134279 When you call, plz mention that you found my contact info on Quikr! I contacted a person called Anita who immediately said she has a maid ready for me. This maid was for my parents.

I told her we were non-vegetarian Christians and we eat all types of meat plus we have two dogs. I specifically mentioned I only want someone who is agreeable to come home after that. She told me, she has the right person. My husband and I then went to the agency and met one Shanti who agreed to everything we said.

We thought that was great!!The very next day Anita called me saying Shanti is very happy with us and wanted to come and work. The agency's fees were one month salary plus Rs.500 registration. So the amount came to Rs.8500 plus Rs.500. I also had to pay Rs400 for transport, which I sent through bank transfer to the agency.

On Dec 23, Shanti left to my home. She said she was very happy with the place and my parents had no problem. Exactly one month later, she said she didnt like the place as we eat pork. Let me tell you, we were cooking pork sausages and pork right from Dec 24th.

Shanti didnt eat, but she had no problems. She suddenly realised after a month that we were eating pork. Ok, I called the agency and Anita agreed that what Shanti was saying is wrong. She promised to send someone else and thats it.

To date, they have not sent a replacement for Shanti. Now they say that I never told them we eat pork, etc., etc. They are frauds!!!!! however desperate you are as I was pretty desperate to get a maid for my parents.If anyone reads this, please under no circumstances take a maid from this agency.

I am going to file a case against them as I have their reciepts.



It's unfortunate that you had to go through all this; however, i feel that Quikr is really good for finding second hand products and services; in fact, i too got my maid from a service agency who had posted their ad on Quikr and she is really good. I think it must have been a one off incident


I really agree with you Malaya. Quikr is really very much helpful for second hand products and housemaids.

I have Gaytri as my housemaid since last January and she is working fantastic. I am really happy with her.Firstly i had another maid though quikr but she was not good, as i complained to department they immediately replaced it with Gaytri.

They are really helpful. you must talk to department manager. There must be any misunderstanding.



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I'm very sorry about your loss, but i also given the advertisement on Quickr and met Deepa. She is working for me since last two years.Even she was agreed only on house work and baby care. But now she usually go to market for our personal work. We are now like a family.

I must you Shanti was having some other problem. Because most of my colleagues are having made through qucikr and they have no problem.

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